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What We Offer

  • Education & Professional Training Programs
    Education & Professional Training Programs

    A. Educate global Science and ICT innovation professionals
    B. Provide Master’s and doctoral degree programs for global R&DB professionals from newly industrial countries
    C. Strengthen Science and ICT capacity of training programs for global Science and ICT innovation leaders

  • R&DB Partnership
    R&DB Partnership

    A. Establish global R&DB platform for Seoul National University
    B. Build strategic national, regional and global partnerships with stakeholders
    C. Support global R&DB research through partnerships with domestic corporations & research institutions

  • Global Cooperation
    Global Cooperation

    A. Global R&DB cooperation with international organizations specialized in Science and ICT innovation
    B. Provide advisory services on global technology commercialization
    C. Contribute to achieve UN SDGs through global cooperation activities in Science and ICT innovation

  • Research & Global Consulting
    Research & Global Consulting

    A. Research on emerging technology economy & industry policy
    B. Conduct global R&DB consulting projects
    C. Collect up-to-date data on global technology market trends and related issues
    D. Publish policy reports on global Science and ICT innovation

  • International Conference
    International Conference

    A. Global Innovation Forum (GIF)
    B. Green, Smart, Development and Vision (GSDV)
    C. World Innovation Network of IT (WINIT)

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