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Director's Message

Director's Message

Vision of GRC

In the 21st century, global innovation and
research and development business (R&DB)
of the 4th Industrial Revolution

will play an important role in global economy and holds great potential for development, prosperity, and creative paradigm shift. As one of the leading countries of global innovation and R&DB, Korea is convinced of a strong need to found global innovation platform throughout the worldwide organizations by building digital transformation professionals’ capabilities.

Encountering this current trend, Global R&DB Center (GRC) has a global R&DB platform based on an international Science and ICT innovation professionals network which has been firmly and actively established through the International IT Policy Program (ITPP), Global Smart City Program (GSCP), and other programs since 2003.

GRC is actively and continuously building strategic national, regional, and global partnerships with various stakeholders in development of value-added Science and ICT innovation.

We aim for digital transformation through on and off-line forum, education, and smart city. For all people are interconnected regardless of their race, age, and religion, we welcome you to join us in realizing and accomplishing this dream.
Director, SNU Globla R&DB Center
Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program(TEMEP)
College of Engineering, Seoul National University

Prof Jun-Seok Hwang